Who we are

We love our country, its roots and its fruits. We want to help you take this incredible taste experience to every country in the world.

Prodalba combines the best professional profiles and the finest expertise in the Italian food and wine industry, with the aim of exporting the experience of genuine, authentic Italian cuisine. A point of reference nationally and internationally for its authority, reliability and quality. Through tradition, culture and originality we deliver hands-on knowledge to achieve concrete projects with a single common denominator: excellence.

We select products, technologies and territories which, together with our know-how, can guarantee privileged access to top quality Italian agriculture and industrial sectors. Our main activity is to set up businesses such as restaurants, cafés, ice cream parlours and confectioners offering the best support to both big and small companies: our "Catering Project" consists of long-lasting, constant support and a proactive partnership with our customers that encompasses all aspects of the future business: design of the premises and development of marketing and promotion initiatives; provision of state-of-the–art Italian machinery and tools; selection of rigorously Made in Italy foods and wines and training of staff.

Prodalba not only offers a wide variety of ready-made solutions, but also provides consulting and development services especially tailored to particular demands. This is achieved through careful assessment of our clients’ needs. All the projects we support are Italian, especially as concerns tests, checks, and certification of machinery and products. We promote the originality of the Italian market through a certified sales and distribution network, ensuring that the purchased products actuallycome from our lands. We organise cultural events and exclusive wine tours. We value territories and properties that are strategic for the sector, "special places" to plan and eagerly pursue the cultivation of cereals, legumes, vines and oversee wine-making processes.

We target markets and entrepreneurs that wish to export the excellence of the Italian gastronomic traditions abroad, regardless of commercial or territorial limits. Our values? They are all summed up in the phrase “Made in Italy”, that is synonymous with Prodalba quality, excellence, originality, professionalism and expertise.  

Building a corner of Italy everywhere in the world.



Alberto Quintarelli Alberto Quintarelli

A member of the long established Quintarelli family from Verona, the absolute leader in the world of food at the highest levels for the last forty years. A well-read man who has travelled extensively, and a wine selector not only for work but out of passion, he believes that wine is a metaphor for life and as such a source of constant wonder: this leads him to explore the world of wine with great enthusiasm and expertise.

Morello Pecchioli Morello Pecchioli

A food historian and professional journalist, he was senior editor of the newspaper "L'Arena di Verona" and editor in charge of the Villafranca newsroom and the Taste, Tourism, Weekend, Health & Fitness and Motors sections. His most important publications include "Il Bianco di Custoza" (“Custoza White Wine”, Morganti publisher) and "La cantina sociale di Negrar" (“The Negrar winery”, Cedam). He is currently collaborating with several food and wine magazines and the "Audi", guides “Metti a tavola i grandi veneti” ("Put the great Venetians on the table") and “Nord Est a tavola” ("North East at the table”). He was awarded the Cilento 2006 prize, the Giornalista del Durello 2007 prize and the Garda Hills 2008 prize.

Francesco Petacco Francesco Petacco

Born in Liguria, he graduated in Agriculture and conducted five years’ research in soil chemistry at the CNR (National Research Council). He holds a master's degree in Oenology and has been contributing articles to the food & wine "Spirito diVino" magazine for about ten years. His professional profile as a wine consultant is complemented by his activity of selector of wines both at a national and international level, a further specialisation in which he expresses his passion and knowledge of the vine and its products.


Nero di Predappio It's called Nero di Predappio (Predappio Black), but there is absolutely no political nostalgia... Sicily