Properties and Territories

"Tradition cannot be inherited. Those who seek it must conquer it by great effort." (Thomas Stearns Eliot)

We identify places and facilities that can be best employed in the field of food & wine: careful scouting of the territory, which analyses the characteristics and peculiarities of the actual resources on Italian land. 

We select privileged vineyard and for the growth of cereals and beans locations and offer:

  • Competent assistance in vineyard plating and growing;
  • Assistance in wine-making processes
  • Designing and building of cellars
  • Supply certified, well-selected seeds, suitable for high-quality, organic and biodynamic production
  • Assistance in farming
  • Assistance with transformation plants
  • Assistance in marketing and distribution

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Estate on the hills around Verona Unique location on the hills surrounding the city of Verona...Posted on 26/6/2013