Our selection of wines

"Life is too short to drink bad wine." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

We select wines from all Italian regions thanks to the collaboration of Francesco Petacco, one of the most qualified professionals in Italian oenology.More than 1.500 hight quality products, with excellent quality/price ratio, coming from the 20 italian ragions and the islands: they range from Valle d’Aosta (2.200 meters) and Etna (1.200 meters) altitude wines to  “sand wines” (-50 meters).

"Wine is a major sign of civilisation in the world." (Ernest Hemingway)

"…as words are like wine: they need to breathe, and they need time for their velvet voice to reveal their final taste." (Luis Sepùlveda)

Serve at the table the flavors most exclusive Italian: discover our selection and buy your favorite wines.

The heroic “dozen”, by Francesco Petacco When we talk about wines come to mind heroic "terraces" of the Cinque Terre, the rugged and often inaccessible vineyards in the Valle d'Aosta or Etna; small pieces torn from nature, or very often to the rocks, to obtain a handful of bottles.Posted on 23/7/2013 12 italian classic, di Francesco Petacco When you say "Classic" is intended to mean something that is so well integrated with the history, culture and traditions of a territory to enclose the essence. Posted on 15/7/2013 12 sorsi d’Italia, by Francesco Petacco May 12 wines of many regions from Sicily to Trentino describe Italian wine? Certainly not exhaustively, but can be the inspiration for a trip, the trace of a route to look for the unusual, the uncommon and unexpected. Posted on 15/7/2013