12 sorsi d’Italia

May 12 wines of many regions from Sicily to Trentino describe Italian wine?

 Certainly not exhaustively, but can be the inspiration for a trip, the trace of a route to look for the unusual, the uncommon and unexpected. In fact, it is often what you do not expect to have the ability to describe an area or territory, it’s “the unusual” to provoke emotion and leave an indelible memory.

The unexpected in wine is synonymous with interesting and surprising, something that we like because it allows us to get out of our own personal taste. We will find the unusual where the hand of man with his techniques is noted less or even not at all, whereas some insights, not yet discovered, waiting to become classics.

 We therefore propose a travel in 12 wines, some obscure gems and other more well-known, however, all with "unusual" features, all witnesses of different territories, carriers of a quality never trivial. "Emotional wines" to look to Italy with a different awareness, a new point of view son of a change and a growth, which is the purpose of each travel.

Francesco Petacco

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