Sue altezze al Mart

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd November 2013 - Rovereto

There isn’t only Antonello da Messina to enjoy during these days at the Mart in Rovereto. In addition to the masterpieces of the great painter of the 4th century, you can taste - and this time in the true sense of the word - Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd November, other jewelry, other Italian excellence: 59 wines chosen among the best in Italy.

"Sue Altezze al Mart" is the title of the enological event that shows wines from many Italian regions and from completely different environments ( from the sands of Sulcis to 1,220 meters in the Valle d' Aosta ), in the same place that host the " Ritratto d’uomo", " Salvator Mundi ", "Madonna Benson" and other wonders of the Sicilian painter. These wines are bound together by a common denominator: they are wines of great character , born from special, rare and natives vine varieties, and coming from historical and cultural locations. Wines that have the soul of genius loci where they are born. The spirit of their origin. So is the " collection" Vini dell’Angelo, all born from grapes grown in Trentino until the First World War. Habsburg Wines, then. Imperials. Wines that recall the memory at the court of Vienna and at the waltzes Strauss.

But the other tasting wines in this exhibition have the imprimatur of the genius loci: preserve the memories , the character , the story of the environment and of the men who worked the land.

Curator of this enological exhibition is Alberto Quintarell. This exhibition is organized by Prodalba , food and wine company that deals with the restoration of high quality at an international level , in collaboration with the Mart in Rovereto and the quarterly of contemporary art and culture Finnegans . "Sue Altezze" is the first of a series of similar initiatives under the title of Percorsi Culturali enogastronomici.
The occasion is twice as tempting . In addition to the opportunity to know and enjoy some premium works of art and Italian wine (the event only costs 10 euro ) you can visit the exhibition of Antonello da Messina with a reduced fare of € 9 just because the proposal is curated by Quintarelli met with the approval and adherence of the Mart in Rovereto.

"Sue Altezze" will open its doors Saturday 2nd November from 10 am with the wine tasting and reserved tours. At 12 o’clock in the auditorium of the museum, after the presentation of the event , some producers will talk about their wines , history, traditions, family events at the origin of their genesis and modern techniques which, respecting the past, exalt them and project them into the future. From 15pm to 20pm you can start  the food and wine trail and taste the wines while discussing with the producers , winemakers and wine-making masters . Sunday the 3rd of November the event will be open to the public from 10 am and will continue without interruption until 18pm.

Posted on 28/10/2013