Catering Project

We offer solid planning and professional experience to materialise business ideas around the world.

Our core business consists of setting up businesses related to the catering sector: restaurants, cafés, ice cream parlours and confectioners. We deliver "turnkey" businesses, and establish an ongoing relationship over time.


We plan the overall shape and structure of the premises, paying great attention to design, purchasing experience within the premises, and the location and accessibility of all service areas. We offer in-store development of the production laboratory on the basis of each specific business objective:

  • Central meat, fish, vegetables and side dishes laboratory who produces and preserves semifinished products that can be completed and sold in stores, achieved through PRODALBA’s exclusive preparation and cooking procedures
  • central fresh pasta laboratory allows continuative, automatic production of fresh and filled pasta. The laboratory covers the whole process from manufacturing to packaging, labeling and preservation up to 90 days.
  • laboratory for ice cream parlours and confectioners that allows preparation and storage of products based on exclusively Italian raw materials and recipes.

We also support  all marketing and promotional activities related to the image of your business. Full cooperation and transparency, from sharing with our clients startup activities and business plans to identifying their basic needs.


Through targeted training sessions, we offer specialised training and professional development courses for all staff: our teams of cooks, professionals, technicians and consultants oversee the development of each production laboratory for as long as it takes to assimilate and master the Italian workmanship and presentation standards. In addition, we provide the necessary skills for the promotion of all types of businesses: everything you need to know in order to best prepare, present and enhance your product and promote the magic and incomparable taste experience of Mediterranean cuisine.

From the very first meetings with our agents, we build a solid partnership aimed at achieving maximum customer satisfaction and guaranteed response to all of our clients’ needs as regards strategic, commercial, logistics, promotion or training aspects.


Through careful screening of our suppliers, we offer high-end Italian technological equipment and tools, guaranteed and certified in their production processes. In particular, we offer custom-built machines tailored to each particular project and the investor’s needs: top quality equipment able to work a 24-hour continuous cycle, tested by the best Italian contractors in the industry. Prodalba teaches a craft: making dough, ice cream, coffee and much more in the Italian tradition and of the highest quality. What we offer to our clients is a careful selection of machines for the preparation of starters, main courses, ice cream, coffee and fresh pasta, truly Italian innovative products that have become famous all over the world, and the entire production chain to ensure quality and reliability over time.